Human API announces new partnerships

Human API, the industry-leading platform enabling enterprises to connect and convert consumer health data into information that radically accelerates innovation, today announced that leading distributors Zander Insurance, Life Quotes, and Sproutt Insurance are now using its platform to modernize the life insurance buying experience and expedite underwriting with comprehensive electronic health records (EHRs) access.

Human API recently launched a new capability that enables distributors and carriers to seamlessly access authorized applicant health data and collaborate through one standard application programming interface (API) and platform. Historically, distribution partners have had to manually collect and share medical evidence with carriers which involved waiting weeks for paper medical records. With Human API, distributors can now collect EHRs and provide carriers with immediate access to normalized health data.

Zander Insurance, Life Quotes, and Sproutt Insurance chose Human API for its platform which significantly reduces underwriting cycle times and creates a better customer buying experience.

With Human API, we are empowered to create a faster buying experience for clients via access to electronic health records,” Shervin Eftekhari, President of Zander Insurance. “Through this valuable technology, we can circumvent the traditional turnaround times carriers typically endure to receive and review applicants’ medical records, as a direct API gives them access to structured EHR data. As the technology is more broadly adopted and accepted, it will accelerate underwriting and shorten cycle times to ultimately deliver a better consumer experience. We’re excited about the journey ahead.”

Securing medical records for life insurance underwriting today still remains largely a manual process that results in a high friction buying experience for customers and lengthy cycle times. The Human API platform simplifies medical records procurement by automatically engaging consumers to authorize the sharing of their health data, providing a single access point for all electronic health records (EHR) data sources to deliver a digital buying experience that feels similar to how people are shopping in other areas of their lives.

“As a digital insurance company, we’re in a unique position to help our customers navigate the insurance buying journey and make better choices using their health data,” said Yoav Shaham, Co-Founder, and CEO of Sproutt Insurance. “With Human API, we now have a simple way to gather our customer’s EHRs upfront and feed this structured health information into our artificial intelligence technology to provide personalized product offerings that best match their lifestyles. Human API’s platform will enable us to help more of our customers get the right coverage faster, and reward them for living healthy lives.”

Over the last few years, Human API has gained significant momentum helping leading carriers adopt and scale EHRs across the enterprise. Now, the company is also focused on helping distributors engage customers early on in the life insurance shopping process to gather medical evidence that can be shared directly with carriers to expedite underwriting and improve policy placements.

“Moving EHR data collection up the process enables an instant buying experience for consumers by reducing cycle times, but it also allows us to gather valuable information that can be used downstream to help our carrier partners expedite underwriting,” said Bob Bland, CEO of Life Quotes. “With comprehensive access to EHRs through one platform, we can better engage our customers at the beginning of the buying journey to help them secure the right coverage faster. This is exactly where life insurance needs to be headed, and we’re very excited to be working with Human API.”

Allowing customers to share medical evidence early in the buying process creates a better experience by accelerating medical evidence retrieval for carriers, leading to faster decisions and higher placements. With innovative technology and partnerships emerging across the ecosystem, insurance distribution is undergoing rapid transformation to meet modern customer expectations. The Human API platform is bringing together carriers, distributors, consumers, and EHR data sources to power a digitally integrated buying experience for customers and deliver value across the entire insurance value chain.

“We’re looking forward to harnessing the power of our platform with these great distribution partners to transform the life insurance purchasing experience,” said Andrei Pop, CEO at Human API. “The future belongs to companies that know how to deliver omni-channel digital experiences in the same way as industries like retail and banking. It’s exciting to see insurance becoming more digital and dynamic like other subscription products that people are shopping around for today. We’re looking forward to empowering more distributors to better serve their customers.”