Human API Replaces Fax Machine in Health Data Retrieval

San Mateo-based health data network Human API has released a new version of its medical data platform for life insurance carriers and their distribution partners that seek access to electronic health records and digital health information. Refresher: The team of 32 – according to LinkedIn – operates in the intersection of Big Data and Underwriting – offering tools for consumers to manage and share their health data and for enterprises to retrieve the data. It has raised $6.6m since its inception in 2013.



The platform now includes the new Human API Enterprise Portal, which allows carriers to request real-time access to medical records, view the results in a longitudinal timeline, and leverage a robust clinical data pipeline to automate underwriting decisions.


Op-Ed. There are 10 employee reviews on Glassdoor for a total of 3.3 stars. Feedback ranges from ‘the idea is great and promising’, ‘they are dressing the company up to serve the life insurance industry in the most mundane and not game-changing way possible’, and ‘CEO is more than just a leader’; to pick a few.