HYPE partners with Zurich Connect

Italian money management app HYPE partnered with Zurich Connect , the digital D2C brand of Zurich in Italy, to offer its 1.3 million users third party liability insurance directly through the HYPE app. Customers will be able to quote and purchase coverage for cars, motorcycles, and vans, charging the cost directly to their HYPE account.


“HYPE’s offer continues to evolve following the economic and social changes taking place and adapting to customer requests. To date, we dialogue with a wide and varied customer base and we continue to expand the number of partners whose services we integrate, precisely to meet the different needs of the public. The results confirm the validity of our strategy: Hype is increasingly used and the use of value-added services is constantly growing. Zurich Connect is a reality, like us, dedicated to innovation and digital: we are thrilled that it has become part of our ecosystem. Important news are coming for the hyper companies in this second half of 2020 and we are sure that ours will represent a concrete answer to the demand for digital services that is so strong today.” – CEO of HYPE, Antonio Valitutti.

“Working side by side with Hype we have had confirmation of how central the customer is in each other’s development strategies. Our goal is to offer increasingly innovative and easy-to-access solutions for our customers and partners, ensuring the best shopping experience. We are proud of the contribution we are offering in the transition process towards an increasingly digital society.” – CEO of Zurich Connect, Angela Cossellu.