Hyperion X selects Reltio Cloud

Hyperion X, created in 2019 as the data and technology division of Hyperion Insurance Group, has selected Reltio Cloud as the core client data platform to power its data and analytics capabilities and strengthen its competitive position in the insurance sector.

“We recognise that the combination of data and technology are now differentiating competitive advantages in our industry. Reltio Cloud gives us capabilities to fuel the experiences of the future at Hyperion X with the data that matters most to our business. It gives us the business agility, enterprise scale, and the insight-ready data we need for big ideas so we can compete effectively.”  – Miguel Baptista, Chief Data Officer, Hyperion X.

“We’re excited to work with visionary Chief Data Officers like Miguel who are accelerating innovation and growth with the strategic use of data. Hyperion X is a great example of a company that is building a data-driven culture so they can reimagine what’s possible in their market. Miguel is leading a trend we’re seeing from forward-thinking CDOs who are working for companies that need to compete effectively in the experience economy but are held back by their legacy environment. To drive business agility, operate at enterprise scale in real-time, and generate big ideas, these CDOs are eliminating customer data silos and breaking free from legacy customer data management technology, innovating faster and responding to client needs quickly.” – Manish Sood, CEO of Reltio.