Hyundai introduces new insurance feature

Hyundai Motor America is introducing a new insurance feature in partnership with Verisk, which will allow drivers to share their driving behavior with insurers to potentially receive discounts and lower insurance premiums.

The new feature includes a driving score tool that is available through Hyundai Blue Link, the carmaker’s connected car service. The driving score, calculated each week, ranges from 0-100 and offers tips for owners to improve their driving habits, become safer drivers, increase fuel economy, and improve their driving scores. Drivers will be able to share their driving habits to potentially earn instant behavior-based premium discounts from “some of the top U.S. auto insurers” that connect to the Verisk Data Exchange.

Blue Link connected car services are now available on the entire Hyundai lineup (2018 model year and newer).

“As demand for more transparent auto insurance pricing grows, usage-based insurance is a powerful way for Hyundai drivers to have greater control over their insurance costs. Providing our drivers with engaging tools that can promote safer driving habits and unlock new insurance discounts is awesome. Our owners expect this kind of technology and want to pay the right amount. No one wants to pay more than they actually should.” – Manish Mehrotra, executive director, Digital Business Planning and Connected Operations, Hyundai Motor North America.