Hyundai is thinking about insurance

Hyundai Mobis, the parts and service arm of the South Korean automaker, announced the development of an Integrated Communication Controller, which enables real-time communication of various vehicle information with other vehicles or infrastructure through external communication networks.

The Integrated Communication Controller connects various Electronic Control Units mounted on the vehicle, e.g. the powertrain, multimedia, airbags and brake systems, through wired communication to collect and analyze various kinds of vehicle operation data in real time. It can process large amounts of data, including the data from various sensors like radars, lidars and cameras, and autonomous driving-related data. It also communicates this information with the outside through full-time wireless network connectivity. It can also implement various connected car services, such as remote vehicle control and automatic update of the software of various systems, and functions like eCall which automatically transmits accident information in case of an emergency.

It will be possible to collect and accumulate the operation data necessary for autonomous driving and high-definition maps, e.g. information on various incidents likely to occur during driving and steering information. It will then make it possible to analyze AI-based real-time traffic information to inform the driver of the best route and provide parking space information of the destination. It will also be possible to use the connected technology to implement various auxiliary functions for safe driving, e.g. real-time high-definition map update, work-zone-avoidance driving and avoiding collision with a vehicle in front of a preceding vehicle that stops suddenly.

Detailed vehicle data, including the status of the powertrain of the vehicle, fuel efficiency and driving habits, can be used to diagnose failures in real time as well as implementing an open service ecosystem such as integrated parking reservation, driving habit-linked insurance, smart home connection solutions and AI support.