IAG introduces new insurance brand

IAG is introducing ROLLiN’ – a new flexible car insurance brand designed for younger customers.

The new insurance brand is not really new – it’s more of a rebrand to a newish insurance brand IAG launched in 2019 – Poncho Insurance. The insurer partnered with Socotra to introduce Poncho – a flexible car insurance product with no cancellation fees. Now, Poncho’s website redirects to ROLLiN’s website.

ROLLiN’ has kept Poncho’s flexibility, offering a similar car insurance product, but it looks like IAG has more confidence in ROLLiN’ since it’s introducing a new ad campaign.

“We see ROLLiN’ as a growth driver for our business. To be able to build a brand from scratch is a real career highlight. To do it with BMEOF founder Micah Walker and his team has made it even more special, this brand is as much his vision as ours. Thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to make this a reality in a very short amount of time, we can’t wait to see Rollin’ out in the world.” – Brent Smart, CMO of IAG.

Bottom Line: Building a new brand sounds more exciting than rebranding an existing one.