IAG to spin off workforce management app Attune

Australian insurer IAG will spin off its workforce management app Attune in a joint venture with Terem Technologies .

Through the joint venture, Attune will commercialize the workplace flexibility software to enable workplaces, like contact centres or retail stores, to provide a new level of flexibility to employees.

IAG has been using Attune technology, previously known as ‘Switch’, since 2019 in its contact centers in Australia, which help NRMA Insurance and CGU customers.

Attune has been used by more than 300 IAG contact center consultants and has enabled more than 10,000 shift changes. In 2020 Attune helped deliver a 9% increase in employee well-being scores, a 23% decrease in absenteeism and a 30% decrease in attrition.

“Just as it has helped our people at IAG, we know that Attune has the potential to benefit many different businesses and bring about meaningful change to the lives of their employees. Commercialising the technology is an opportunity to promote flexibility benefits for the wider workforce and their communities.” – IAG Acting Group Executive, Intermediated Insurance Australia, Amanda Whiting.