“In 3 Minutes I was Able to Insure all My Family’s Appliances!”

Meet Seraphin :


Think: a digital broker launched in 2016 in Belgium to offer several insurance products including: car, home, renters and bike insurance from select insurers. Also, this summer it raised €1.2M.  Fast Five Facts: (1) Seraphin is a team of 15 peeps, according to LinkedIn. (2) It offers accident insurance via AXA.


(3) It offers bike insurance via Allianz.


(4) It offers an insurance check-up tool to guide shoppers on which coverage they need. (5) It has partnered with Qover, a Munich Re Digital Partner offering API for Gap Insurance that covers the potential financial shortfall between the purchase price of a car and the indemnity paid by one’s car insurer in the event of a total loss.


PS. See feedback from Calixte des Lauriers, below: