In The Intersection of Proptech, Insurtech and Fintech

Meet  Homicity:



Think: a Canadian startup that plans to operate at the intersection of proptech, insurtech and fintech by offering a tool for homeowners and home searchers to find, manage and maintain their home with the power of AI. “We are here to guide our customers on their home search. We match them with the right properties, insurance, mortgages and home pros, and help them turn it into a home with our dashboard built for their needs. They will be able to organize their homes by tracking transactions, renovations, upgrades, projects, and more. All under one roof.”

Homicity, established in 2015 and led by Jamie Blades, is a team of 10 according to LinkedIn. Back in May, it announced the launch of tenants’ insurance in partnership with Gore Mutual, in conjunction with BrokerLift and Insurego.

Get a feel for the flow, below:

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