Innoveo Launches the Power of eBro for the SME Broker Market

Digitization drives competitive advantage in today’s broker market. Innoveo eBro delivers.

Innoveo, a leading technology company, is leveraging its no-code rapid application development expertise to deliver digitization to the SME agency broker market with eBro, a scalable, fully-configurable end-to-end turnkey solution that will digitize an agency in less than one week.

Recognizing the critical need for a digital agency platform that is readily customizable and configurable, Innoveo utilized the power of its no-code Skye® technology to develop a comprehensive, scalable solution. Built for mid-tier brokers and broker aggregators, eBro is designed to provide complete functionality and digitization.

Innoveo eBro is a dynamic web-based platform that connects B2B/B2C customers with the Broker and Insurer in real-time. Key attributes that distinguish eBro include the following:

• Delivering an end-to-end solution and a seamless digital experience in real-time for Customer+Broker+Insurer the entire policy lifecycle, including policy proposals, ready-quotes, bind and buy, claims, billing and payments, and ongoing customer service.
• Advanced Analytics/AI configures robust data to drive strategic decisions for business growth, operational  effectiveness, and profitability
• Workflow automation processes power operational efficiencies, improved business performance, and business growth, leading to increased revenue and profitability
• Easy connectivity with legacy technology, third party platforms, and agency management systems via API’s

The functionality of Innoveo eBro provides the ease and affordability of an out-of-the box solution combined with the ability to completely customize and configure eBro to their agency’s product lines and carriers, including their branding. New product lines and insurance carriers can be swapped out and/or added within 48 hours. Currently, eBro built-in product lines include the following:

• Business Owners’ Policy (BOP)
• Directors & Officers (D&O)
• Cyber
• Mid-Tier P&C
• Specialty Insurance

Amir Ghaffar, President and CEO, Innoveo, “The insurance broker market is at a critical crossroads. Many agencies are hampered by multiple platforms, manual processes, and the need for in-person meetings during a time that requires the ability to interact with customers remotely and operate 100% digitally. With the launch of eBro, we are providing agencies the capacity to navigate a challenging market with rapid digitization (less than one week), omnichannel CX for enhanced customer experience, seamless and real-time interaction between customer-broker-carrier, resulting in a competitive advantage and increased revenues.”

In addition, Amir Ghaffar, added, “Today’s insurance consumers are demanding instant gratification. 60% of small businesses will be owned by millennials within the next five years. We believe Innoveo eBro offers the most comprehensive concierge platform to empower brokers in serving customers and insurers. The combination of easy configurability and complete process digitization is our unique differentiator in the burgeoning Insurtech space”.

The leading insurance agencies will be those who embrace digitization. Innoveo eBro is a dynamic web-based digital platform designed to drive value for Insured, Broker, and Insurer – and – maximize agency efficiencies, customer engagement, and revenue growth.

About Innoveo
Founded in 2007 in Zurich, Switzerland, Innoveo operates as a technology software provider with a global footprint. Its flagship product, Innoveo Skye®, is a no-code platform that provides digital players in the insurance and agency sectors with the latest technology, enabling them to transform and digitalize faster, and, introduce new products into the market across multiple distribution channels in just weeks. Innoveo’s main offices are in Zurich, London, New York, Hong Kong, Budapest, and Valencia.

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