Insperity Announces Relationship with Mylo

Insperity has recently announced its relationship with Lockton-backed Mylo (as in ‘My Lockton’) via its insurance arm Insperity Insurance Services. As a result of this relationship, Insperity’s Workforce Acceleration solution, is enhanced through Mylo’s solution for business, group health, home, auto and individual health insurance needs.



“We are pleased to extend our long-standing relationship with Lockton through the addition of Mylo to our Workforce Acceleration solution. We are now able to offer a high level of expertise and quality insurance solutions generally unavailable to this target customer base, which is consistent with our goal to provide the leading traditional employment HR bundled solution in the marketplace.” – Insperity Chairman and CEO, Paul J. Sarvadi.


“Insperity and Mylo are a natural fit. Technology allows us to integrate with Insperity’s experience and offer commercial insurance and small group health tailored to their customers’ needs. In addition, we can target business owners more effectively, and Insperity can provide new solutions to meet customer requests.” – Mylo president, David Embry.


PS. Same Mylo that has partnered with LegalZoom back in 2017.



PPS. Get a feel for it.