InsuraGuest signs vendor agreement with “the Tesla of property management systems”

InsuraGuest has signed a vendor agreement with Lightmaker , a property management system for vacation rentals, and begun integration with their API.

InsuraGuest will soon be able to be purchased by users of Lightmaker, including professional hosts and property management companies. Once in use, the Host will use InsuraGuest’s insurance coverages as their primary no-fault medical policy with a property rider to address claims made by guests.

“The vacation rental sector grew eight-nine percent (89%) last year.  So, our focus moving forward is to connect to as many vacation rental property management systems (PMS) as we can. The more PMS systems we connect to, the more properties listings we can access, and the more InsuraGuest’s insurance products we can sell.” – Reed Wright, President of InsuraGuest Technologies.

Bottom Line: “LMPM is the Tesla of property management systems.”