Insured Nomads Appoints Brett Estep Chief Operating Officer

Remote-October 20, 2021-Insured Nomads  is pleased to announce that Brett Estep, MBA, has been appointed Chief Operating Officer.

Brett has represented industry leading brands in global insurance, benefit consulting and technology over his 25 year career spanning 4 continents and countless cultures. He believes remote work was thrust into the spotlight resulting from the global pandemic and providing vast capability with an intuitive and simplified user experience will redefine an industry begging for dramatic change.

“Brett’s business acumen, keen insights and passion for driving innovation that empowers the globally mobile to live, work, and play with peace of mind are just a few of the reasons his leadership of our operations is integral to our continued success,” said Allen Koski, President of Insured Nomads.

About Insured Nomads:

Insured Nomads provides travel and health insurance for individuals and groups with a smart solution – giving globetrotters unparalleled peace of mind – with safety and security right at your fingertips. An insurtech platform with fintech elements, Insured Nomads supplies customization opportunities that legacy companies simply cannot match.

We’re providing complete protection for remote workers at a time when travel has fully re-opened throughout the globe. Uniquely suited to meet the needs of a post-pandemic world with a fully integrated “Covid Dashboard” tailored for every country, as well as the new “Nomads Community, “integration – connecting like-minded remote workers and travelers across the globe – reducing the emotional burden of living or working outside of the U.S.; Insured Nomads is changing the way we live, work and travel.

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