Insureon: “comfortably uncomfortable”

“My dad taught me a long time ago a phrase that I’ve kept near and dear to my heart, which is you have to be comfortably uncomfortable. We are constantly comfortably uncomfortable” – Insureon CEO Ted Devine. Recall: Insureon is a well-funded (think: $31 million since inception) digital insurance agency targeting small business owners via its insurance comparison site. The latest ‘Glassdoor Cons’, Below. Because culture eats strategy for breakfast:

Cons: “A lot of recent firings.”

Cons: “Form managers to developers nobody cares what happening in the company. Smart people leaving one by one.”

Cons: “Management has unrealistic expectations of inexperienced people and don’t ask for advice of experienced professionals.”

And…”Cutting edge technology / XML integration.” To end on a good note.

Bottom Line: Insureon can’t afford to rest, thanks to new entrants in the form of Bunker, CoverHound and Next-Insurance, to name three. Speaking of Next-Insurance, the newish digital commercial broker has expanded its list of available business types for online quoting (think: contractors, janitors, photographers and plumbers, to name a few) and picked up additional carrier partners (think: Hiscox, Liberty Mutual and Markel).