Insurtech platform DropIn, Inc. releases version 2.0

DropIn, Inc., an on-demand live video collaboration platform has released version 2.0 of their software enabling enterprise customer access to more than six million Droperators (including 1200 FAA part 107 licensed drone pilots) nationwide.

Droperators are an on-demand task force that live stream a location from a smartphone or a drone allowing customers to have an on site live visual of the scene without physically having to be there. Using the platform, enterprise contract customers enter the address of the inspection site, (if desired the pre arranged arrival time) and the Droperator within that radius receives the notification and responds to the call.

The livestream is initiated once the Droperator arrives at the address, and the customer now directs the Droperator to move the camera as they capture all the required GPS tagged photos and videos. All photos and videos of the live stream are uploaded to the DropIn platform where they are stored in the history, and measurements can be extracted and can be readily downloaded.

DropIn is offering an SLA for a Droperator to be on scene within 90 minutes of request to 96% of the population for $150.00 or less, or it’s free.

The DropIn live video collaboration platform, founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Louis Ziskin, includes Drone, Droperator, and ClaimsDirect capabilities.

“Timing is everything,” says Ziskin. “The people talking about taking their time are not the ones who have lost everything, carriers and TPAs understand this and are constantly trying to lower response times especially in catastrophe areas where their customers are counting on them like never before.”

DropIn’s current customer base includes news organizations, insurance companies, insurance brokerage agencies, finance companies, banks, mortgage bankers, title companies and physical asset verification companies.

About DropIn, Inc.

DropIn, Inc. (DropIn) provides an on-demand, live video platform which enables more precise underwriting risk assessments, speeds claim resolution, enhances damage estimate accuracy, and reduces indemnity and loss adjustment expenses (LAE). DropIn ensures property and casualty (P&C) insurance companies, managing general agencies (MGAs), third-party adjusters (TPAs), segments of the automotive industry, and managed repair networks, can access and utilize streaming video and high-resolution photos captured directly by customers or via a crowdsourced independent contractor network using commonly-available insurtech tools, such as smartphones and drones, to achieve better insight into the intricacies of auto and property damage for enhanced decision-making.

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