Introducing: Telematics Program With Upfront Discounts

“We’re launching a new business model around car insurance telematics. Telematics haven’t really taken off outside special high-risk segments – yet. I believe it’s partly because you’ll be rewarded at the end of the policy period, not the beginning. Proud to introduce our SafeDriver product that gives all customers 30% discount up front!” – EVP at Qatar Insurance, Frederik Bisbjerg.


i-Insured, the retail brand of Qatar Insurance in the UAE, has launched its SafeDriver app that aims to reward good drivers and reduce accidents.



Customers who buy insurance and install the SafeDriver app enjoy an upfront discount of 30% on comprehensive car insurance. The app, which is powered by OSeven Telematics, measures driving behavior based on four different categories: (1) speeding – how much a driver respects the speed limits, (2) mobile use – talking and texting while driving, (3) braking – how hard a driver breaks, and (4) acceleration – how aggressively a driver accelerates. The app score ranges from 0-100 and a driver must have a score above 76 to keep qualifying for the discount.


Worldwide, drivers using technology to score how safe they drive are significantly less exposed to accidents and thereby actively contribute to safer roads . The i-Insured solution rewards drivers upfront – and not when the policy is up for renewal after one year – this will motivate many drivers to be safe and lessen accidents on the roads” – Founder of RoadSafety UAE elaborates, Thomas Edelmann.


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