Introducing Bikmo for Business

European bike insurance provider Bikmo launched Bikmo for Business, an insurance advice, product broking and management service for companies across the cycling, mobility and gig-economy sectors.

The service begins with a free 30-minute online consultation with Bikmo’s experts, in which time is spent learning about the company and the individuals who work there. This is also a good time to identify the most important risk concerns and insurance solutions to solve them. Bikmo will then consult with its panel of underwriters to develop a comprehensive coverage recommendation.

The program aims to support a wide range of cycling and mobility-centric businesses with advice and products ranging from straightforward liability and property policies, to more bespoke solutions for businesses that do not fit the traditional cookie-cutter approach that open-market insurers can apply to business insurance.

“Companies spend significant sums on insurance premiums every year, and yet time and time again I hear business owners reporting that they still feel under-prepared and under-protected, with an overwhelming sense of dread that cover vulnerabilities will be exposed just at the time support is needed most. I’m delighted to be spearheading our campaign to demystify insurance for cycling businesses, going back to basics to help owners regain cover confidence, offering a tailored consultative approach to significantly bolster the support available to the commercial businesses and organizations that underpin our booming cycling community.” – Ben Frith, retail and commercial insurance manager at Bikmo.

Bikmo launched its consumer cycle insurance coverage in 2014 and is now covering “tens of thousands of riders’ bikes and gear.”