Introducing ClaimCare by Gore Mutual

Canadian P&C insurer Gore Mutual has introduced ClaimCare, “its new customer-centric approach to claims.”

ClaimCare includes lifetime guarantees, a claims tracker that provides regular status updates to customers, brokers and other service providers, a ClaimCare Concierge to answer inquiries and resolve coverage issues when one of the company’s ClaimCare Advisors are unavailable so that they are no gaps in service, and a ClaimCare Mobile Response Team and Mobile Response Centre.

Designed in response to climate change, both the team and corresponding centre will allow Gore Mutual to quickly be on the ground providing immediate care and assistance to customers during catastrophic events with emergency funds for food, accommodation and other urgent needs.

“It’s not enough to say that we’re really good at claims. The mix of changing consumer demographics and service expectations being driven by technology and other innovations are forcing us to constantly adapt to meet rapidly increasing customer needs. The customer has to be at the centre of every decision we make.” – Neil Weir, Vice President of Claims at Gore Mutual.