Introducing CoverGo Distribution

CoverGo , a no-code insurance SaaS platform, announced the launch of CoverGo Distribution.

CoverGo Distribution enables insurers, MGAs, brokers, and others to distribute life, health, and P&C products across multiple channels – direct, agent, broker, bancassurance, embedded insurance, and affinity partnerships.

With AI-enabled workflows and automation, patented no-code configuration capabilities, integration middleware APIs, and modern experience journeys, CoverGo Distribution aims to help insurance businesses launch products in days, boost conversions, reach new customers, reduce turnaround time and costs, provide seamless customer experience and streamline quote to issuance and renewals without impacting existing core systems.

One adopter is AXA.

“The launch of CoverGo Distribution addresses the growing demand from insurers, MGAs, brokers, and other distributors who want to elevate their distribution and increase sales in the most flexible, scalable, and cost-effective way using the latest technologies. CoverGo Distribution is set to redefine efficiency, productivity, and user experience for all stakeholders in the insurance distribution space and ultimately benefit the end-customers as well.” – Tomas Holub, CEO and Founder of CoverGo.