Introducing MetLife’s Vitana on the Blockchain

Did you know one in five expecting mothers in Singapore get gestational diabetes? 


MetLife Asia’s Singapore-based innovation center, LumenLab, has begun testing the world’s first automated insurance solution using blockchain to offer pregnant women in Singapore that are in the first 23 weeks of pregnancy financial protection in case of gestational diabetes, without needing to make a claim.

The product known as “Vitana,” securely connects to customers’ electronic medical records via their mobile device to issue a policy within minutes, triggering an automatic payout upon diagnosis. In addition, Vitana offers customers improved data security as it performs parametric underwriting on the customer’s mobile device, meaning the insurance company doesn’t require access to the underlying medical data to confirm insurability. Vitana is available via the App Store, with plans to run the experiment over a 6-month period. Keyword: experiment.



The product was built in partnership with Swiss Re, which helped drive product design and reinsure the risk; Cognizant, which provided the underlying technology and blockchain expertise; and Vault Dragon, an electronic medical records provider which supported on-the-ground implementation with forward-thinking doctors and clinics.

“Vitana embodies MetLife’s commitment to its customers. In today’s world, people expect experiences to be simple, automated, and digital. We saw an opportunity to test how blockchain can make insurance more seamless and we’ve partnered with some of the best companies in their fields to create a blueprint to launch new parametric insurance products in the future.” – Chief Innovation Officer of MetLife Asia and CEO of LumenLab, Zia Zaman.



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