Introducing TRIBE by Income

Singapore-based general insurer Income has officially launched TRIBE, following its soft launch with digital and lifestyle partners earlier this year.

TRIBE by Income is a monthly insurance subscription that offers three different packs – Child, Essential, and Recovery – for various degrees of accident and illness protection, as well as term life insurance. And each pack is offered via a 3-tier pricing scheme (Small, Medium to Large). Someone’s a fan of 3 or the 3-option pricing strategy.

Also, with the TRIBE dashboard, customers can adjust the amount of coverage for each plan and even add on different packs to suit the different stages of their life without incurring any amendment charges.

“In recent years, Income has been… rolling out new insurance business models to address unmet needs. Cash flow constraints against the backdrop of a volatile economy are also heightening customers’ desire for greater control over what, when and how they purchase insurance, as well as the ability to customise and consolidate their purchases at a desired price point.” – NTUC Income chief digital officer Peter Tay.

Bottom Line: Income is bullish on subscription-based insurance products which, when done right, make insurance coverage more accessible and affordable .