Janover enters insurance

Janover , a commercial real estate financing company, has launched a new insurtech subsidiary called Janover Insurance Group.

The commercial property insurance company “is set to seamlessly integrate with Janover’s powerful generative AI applications and directly plug into its industry-leading marketing funnel.”

Initially, Janover Insurance Group will concentrate on insurance for multifamily and commercial properties, with plans to expand its services to Small and Medium Business (SMB) clients.

“Our entrance into insurtech with Janover Insurance Group signifies a pivotal step on our ongoing journey to improve financial services for commercial real estate and SMB enterprises by building best in class, tech first solutions where they are most needed. We believe that this specialized insurtech arm is the ideal product to add to our ecosystem as it solves a meaningful pain point in the market and leverages technology and systems we’ve already built. Our expertise in the practical application of generative AI and building marketplaces, combined with our robust marketing capabilities, positions us uniquely to redefine the commercial insurance space and offer unparalleled service to our clients. It further creates an end-to-end tech-first financial services firm for our customers; further enhancing our revenue with recurring, predictable income. By strengthening our financial foundation, we will be able to better service our customers as we continue to scale.” – Blake Janover, Chairman and CEO of Janover .