Japan Post Insurance, KKR and Global Atlantic to form strategic partnership

Japanese life insurance Japan Post Insurance, KKR, and Global Atlantic announced their entrance into a strategic partnership. Japan Post Insurance will additionally make a material investment in a reinsurance co-investment vehicle sponsored by Global Atlantic.

The partnership enables Japan Post Insurance to access KKR and Global Atlantic’s platforms to enhance its growth and diversify its business portfolio into overseas markets.

“We believe this partnership has great potential for Japan Post Insurance to pursue new growth opportunities and diversify revenue sources. It also enhances our reinsurance strategy and asset-liability management capabilities and we will proceed in a gradual and prudent manner as this is the first international partnership for Japan Post Insurance, which currently does not have any overseas offices. We are very excited to expand our business collaboration with KKR, a leading global investment firm, and Global Atlantic, a leading global life and annuity reinsurance firm, as they are both committed to the Japanese market and trusted partners with whom Japan Post Insurance can develop a mutually beneficial relationship.” – Tetsuya Senda, director and president, CEO, representative executive officer of Japan Post Insurance.

“This is a testament to our continued commitment to expanding our insurance presence alongside high-caliber partners like Japan Post Insurance. We are pleased to enter into this partnership with Japan Post Insurance alongside Global Atlantic to pursue opportunities for growth and collaboration.” – Joe Bae and Scott Nuttall, co-CEOs of KKR.

“We are excited about the confidence placed into the Global Atlantic platform by Japan Post Insurance, a leading life insurance company in Japan. It is another sign of the enhanced value we bring to our global reinsurance clients. We continue to see tremendous opportunities to deploy capital, and Japan Post Insurance’s investment in the co-investment vehicle will allow us to further accelerate the growth of our franchise.” – Allan Levine, co-founder, Chairman & CEO of Global Atlantic.