KBC collaborates with iController

Belgian bank-insurer KBC Group has partnered with Belgian credit management software provider iController. Founded in 2007, iController offers software to monitor payments and assess risks. For example, the system indicates when and to whom reminders should be sent, or when the company should take further steps to collect the outstanding balance. As a result, invoices are paid faster and more efficiently, resulting in a better cash flow.

“We attach great importance to healthy credit management of our corporate clients. Companies that keep a good overview of their financial flows can anticipate faster, invest more efficiently and build on their future with confidence. We are strongly committed to this with powerful working capital solutions, also in cooperation with partners outside KBC. This gives customers a real-time overview and accurate insights on their KBC Business Dashboard. The cooperation with iController fits in seamlessly with this.” – Wim Eraly, Senior General Manager Corporate Banking at KBC Belgium.

“We are very happy to enter into a partnership with KBC as a partner. We are convinced that the future of credit control lies with automation, a vision that KBC shares with us. Today, companies are often unaware of the benefits of high quality automation and centralization of credit management. Together with KBC, we want to change that.” – Peter Janssens, CEO of iController.