Kin launches landlord insurance in Florida

Chicago-based home insurance provider Kin Insurance announced the launch of its landlord insurance plans which will debut in the Florida market.

Kin’s landlord insurance applies to property owners who rent out their detached homes and townhouses. It also covers investors who rent their properties on Airbnb. This policy can cover all sources of damage to the physical structure of the home except those listed as exclusions. It also covers damage to other structures on property such as a garage or shed, personal property such as appliances, personal liability, and fair rental value.

Investment property owners can simply go to Kin’s website, enter the property’s address, and get a quote in a few easy steps. Kin is the only insurtech company to currently offer homeowners insurance in both Florida and California.

“The introduction of landlord insurance in the Florida market will continue to cement Kin as a leading home insurer in one of the industry’s most challenging marketplaces. For our company, it’s a major milestone in our growth to be able to offer this service to real estate investors. We remain committed to ensuring Floridians have access to insurance at a low cost.” – Kin Co-Founder and CEO Sean Harper.

The company claims that its customers currently save an average of $500 dollars.