Legal & General partners with the Telegraph’s branded content division

Telegraph Spark (think: where Mad Men meet Math Men) has launched a one-year content partnership to showcase how Legal & General is responding both to business-wide challenges from customers and to calls from the wider public to boost the economy and make society stronger.

For this commercial campaign, Telegraph Spark has signed up 20 experts, opinion-formers and innovators to be part of an action-based initiative titled The Power of Us. Names include Sir Tony Robinson, actor, comedian and presenter; Jasmine Birtles, British TV personality, money expert and pensions writer; and Dr Martin Hyde, Associate Professor in Gerontology, Swansea University.

Together they will explore six key areas as part of this branded campaign, all of which have sustainability and climate change at their core.

  • How do we support the aging population?
  • How do we invest for global good to boost economies, communities and sustainability?
  • What can be done by individuals and communities to solve climate change?
  • How do we create smarter future cities outside London that appeal to young people and reduce urban stagnation?
  • How do we spread London’s tech knowledge, expertise and positivity nationally?
  • How can we protect and nurture our SMEs to ensure global competitiveness?

Following the introduction of the six challenges through branded features in both the paper and online, Telegraph Spark will reach out to innovators to come up with solutions at a very different experimental event. The results will be presented to delegates at The Power of Us conference, made into a podcast and published as a branded supplement.

“The biggest issue in Britain today is still how we build greater economic growth to improve everyone’s lives in a way that is sustainable for communities and the environment. We need to invest to create real jobs and better infrastructure to transform our cities and towns. This has to be achieved in a responsible and inclusive way.” – Nigel Wilson, Group CEO Legal & General.

“From the moment we received the brief, we knew this was going to be an exciting commercial campaign. An opportunity to be a force for good and impact positive change. Plus, the perfect challenge to engage our huge entrepreneurial audience. It has been a pleasure to work with such an ambitious brand to ignite the spirit of innovation.” – Telegraph Spark content strategy partner, Gina Hamilton.

“Our brand is well known and loved by many. In partnering with Telegraph Spark we have a real opportunity to reinforce this awareness by showcasing how L&G is bringing inclusive capitalism to life across the country.” – Emma Hill, Legal & General Group Brand director.