LeO Launches Free Personal Insurance Assistant For Agents

LeO released LeO Basic – an easy to implement Facebook and Web chatbot designed specifically for the insurance industry. With LeO Basic, insurance agents and brokers can let a virtual personal assistant take care of scheduling calls and meetings, collect leads, and answer customer questions automatically, 24/7. To celebrate the release, LeO Basic is FREE FOR THE FIRST 100 agents and brokers, so make sure to claim your free chatbot before the monthly pricing kicks in. Click here to sign-up for free.

Why use a chatbot?

Because 79% of people are not satisfied with the amount of communication they have with their agents. Consumers are accustomed to the instantaneous communication available in the fast paced, digital world, but the insurance industry hasn’t kept up. 41% of people prefer receiving quotes via chat, but the industry is still relying on outdated fax machines.

LeO’s AI-powered chatbot eliminates the time and money that brokers spend on routine tasks. Producers are working harder and selling more than ever before, but seeing their commission checks get smaller and smaller. Automating simple processes using LeO increases revenues, lets agents and brokers focus on more important tasks, and leads to happier, more satisfied customers. “The current state of the insurance industry is inefficient,” said Liri Halperin-Segal, the CEO and Co-Founder of LeO. “Our chatbot is an easy to implement solution that gives brokers and agents a massive leg up.”

The New Standard For The Insurance Industry

Brokers and agents can set up the LeO Basic chatbot on their website or Facebook page in under five minutes. “Our online onboarding process allows anyone to implement LeO and immediately begin saving money and collecting leads,” said Halperin-Segal. “It’s designed that even the smallest independent brokers can easily set up LeO without any technical knowledge.”

LeO’s chatbot is built on proprietary NLP algorithms that were designed specifically for the insurance industry. “The result is that LeO’s dialogue structure is clearer and more effective than other available tools,” Liri said. “We optimized everything to provide the best possible service.”

Click here to learn more about LeO and sign-up for free.

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