Luko goes beyond home insurance with property search tool

Earlier this year, French home insurance MGA Luko announced the launch of Léon, a virtual assistant for tenants to enter their search criteria (e.g. geographic area, budget, surface area, number of rooms, etc.) and have the service notify them when properties that meet their criteria are posted online. Leon does this by scanning real estate portals and agency websites; covering over 30k cities.

Let’s back up.

Founded in 2016, Luko’s first initiative was the Luko Home Guardian device, a small box that sticks on the electricity meter to read consumption in real-time. Then, in 2018, the startup announced the launch of a home insurance offering underwritten by La Parisienne Assurances (now known as Wakam) and so far it has approximately 100,000 customers. Its latest product launch is ‘Doctor House’, a free home-checkup service via teleconsultation, professional advice, and support tutorials.

It has secured $85 million, has over 100 employees, and has recently expanded to scooter insurance, home loan insurance and condo and building insurance.

Bottom Line: A lead-gen tool.