Marsh launches cybersecurity marketplace

Marsh has launched cybersecurity marketplace services to simplify the procurement process for US clients seeking to protect their organizations from ever-expanding cyber threats.

Marsh will assist clients in identifying cybersecurity solutions, tools, and services – clients will benefit from Marsh’s experience and expertise in helping clients identify and evaluate offerings that drive cyber resilience and insurability.

“Protecting your organization from cyberattacks is hard enough; actually procuring solutions to protect your firm may be even harder. It often takes our clients months to identify, assess, pilot, and appoint cybersecurity providers, which in today’s fast-moving cyber landscape is itself a risk. By identifying vendors and assisting clients in the evaluation process, we are making the process smoother, faster, and more productive, helping them implement selected cybersecurity controls sooner.” – Tom Reagan, US and Canada Cyber Practice Leader, Marsh.

Marsh’s new offering is led by CJ Dietzman, who joined Marsh in January after a ~5-year stint at Aon.