Metromile launches Ride Along for drivers to see how much they can save

The pay-per-mile auto insurer Metromile announced the launch of Ride Along, a free new way for drivers to understand if their driving can result in a lower car insurance rate before they sign up.

Drivers can begin a Ride Along after downloading the Metromile app and entering some basic information. Then, the Ride Along begins with no obligation to purchase from Metromile. Drivers go about their routines and have their smartphone in the vehicle when they drive. After about two weeks, drivers will see how much they drove and their expected monthly bill. They can then switch and start their coverage with Metromile to lock in their rates and any savings — all within minutes.

In select states, drivers can also save up to an additional 40% on their initial Metromile quote after their Ride Along for demonstrating safe driving habits. Rates for Metromile’s pay-per-mile car insurance start at $29 per month and a few cents for each mile driven.

PS. Metromile uses office supplies company Poppin.