MIB acquires RiskRighter

MIB Group, a provider of data solutions for life insurers, has reached an agreement with Crump Life Insurance Services to acquire RiskRighter, a provider of underwriting services to insurance carriers, distribution agencies and other organizations in the life insurance industry. The acquisition expands MIB’s portfolio of underwriting services and brings new capabilities to their Medical Data Solutions platform.

RiskRighter provides support for traditionally inefficient aspects of the underwriting process, leveraging a team of medically trained underwriters that gather and review pertinent information to aid in the mortality and morbidity assessment process. RiskRighter provides a variety of risk assessment services supporting informal inquiries, quick quotes, formal applications and in force policy reviews which streamline client workflows, improve responsiveness and minimize application cycle time. Additionally, RiskRighter’s medical record summaries consolidate critical data into a useful and reliable format that enables underwriters to make faster and more accurate decisions.

“MIB is excited to add RiskRighter’s capabilities to our Medical Data Solutions portfolio. RiskRighter’s ability to provide reliable medical record summaries and other services that have been verified by underwriting experts will expand our offering of dependable underwriter solutions. RiskRighter’s products compliment and enhance our Electronic Medical Data Services, providing expanded capabilities that support the review, structuring, and assessment of medical data. MIB is committed to expanding RiskRighter’s capabilities by powering them with additional technology, while maintaining the high quality that their clients rely on.” – Andrea Caruso, MIB’s Chief Operating Officer.

“MIB is a natural fit to to support RiskRighter’s clients and expand RiskRighter’s reach within the life insurance industry. We started the RiskRighter business in 2006 and fully expect to remain a client as MIB takes this platform to another level.” – Mike Martini, President, Crump Life Insurance Services.