Miller launches new AI tool

London-based (re)insurance broker Miller has launched MillerMo, a new AI tool for colleagues, based on technologies from Microsoft and OpenAI.

MillerMo was developed by MillerLabs, Miller’s in-house innovation incubator, and is the first in a planned series of innovations focused on using AI to the benefit of Miller, its employees and its clients.

MillerMo’s functionality includes acting as a personal assistant, proof-reading, content generation, translation, analyzing data sets and software development. Its aim is to enable Miller employees to automate administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on the core elements of their role.

“This is just the beginning of our journey with AI at Miller. MillerMo was developed in response to the desire for employees to access the benefits of ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies in a safe and compliant way. We are committed to fostering an agile innovation culture and we have created a dynamic environment of empowerment and collaboration, where every team member is encouraged to experiment with fresh ideas and approaches.” – Andre Du Preez, head of Miller’s Innovation Team and curator of MillerLabs.

“Miller is committed to innovation and developing leading AI tools that can be used in the specialist broking space. There is great potential in the insurance industry to use AI to enhance the experience of both clients and employees whilst maintaining the highest standards of service, security and integrity. MillerLabs and products like MillerMo are changing the way we work, the services that we offer and the speed of delivery to clients!” – Dana Cuffe, Miller’s COO.