Mitchell introduces an alternative to Tractable’s photo estimating software

Mitchell announced that Claim Genius’ artificial intelligence (AI) can now be accessed through the Mitchell Intelligent Open Platform (MIOP). This allows U.S. and Canadian carriers to use Mitchell Intelligent Estimating with Claim Genius computer vision algorithms – automatically producing partial or complete estimates from photos and videos of damaged vehicles.

Introduced in 2019, Mitchell Intelligent Estimating is a claims automation solution with a flexible, end-to-end framework that integrates with market-leading AI providers through the MIOP.

Using Mitchell Intelligent Estimating with Claim Genius AI, photos of damaged vehicles are captured and processed in real time. Mitchell then translates the AI recommendations into information that is specific to the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), pre-populating part and operation line items on the estimate. By the time the appraiser accesses it, the estimate is already partially or completely written. It can then be reviewed and easily edited.

Claim Genius is the second AI solutions provider to integrate with the MIOP. In January, Mitchell announced its collaboration with Tractable and the two companies shared details of their first joint customer.