Mobilisights is looking for insurance professionals

Earlier this year, Stellantis established a new unit, Mobilisights, to accelerate the rollout of car data applications and products, part of the automaker’s effort to generate €20 billion in added sales annually from software-related services by 2030.

“The vision for Mobilisights is to contribute to a smarter world, leveraging the insights that vehicle data provide to inspire innovative applications and services that can transform and dramatically improve the day-to-day lives of users and businesses,” said Sanjiv Ghate, Mobilisights CEO. “Harnessed effectively, sensor and other data available from connected vehicles can enable a wide range of services and applications with compelling benefits, ranging from personalized usage-based insurance to road hazard detection and traffic management. With its 14 iconic brands and millions of connected vehicles, Stellantis has unmatched global data scale capable of powering this business forward.”

It appears that the new unit is not wasting time, at least when it comes to insurance – Mobilisights has a job opening for a US-based Account Executive – Insurance Tech. The individual will help drive new and recurring revenue growth for Stellantis’ DaaS business. Specifically, this person will need to have “deep understanding, network and experience with the insurance business and data-centric topics such as, UBI, Pay As You Drive, Pay How You Drive, Connected Drive, Insurtech, Banking, etc.”

The unit is hiring for another insurance role in France.