Mobly Launches Pay-Per-Mile Insurance

Mobly, the mobility platform and a Baloise subsidiary, has launched a new ‘mobility insurance’ which offers pay-per-mile car insurance.

Customers start the process online to later plug in the OBD2 dongle into their vehicles. The Mobly app provides a detailed overview of the number of miles driven and customers receive an invoice based on the actual number of miles. The policy also offers customers coverage for physical injuries while using other modes of transportation.

“Reducing traffic levels and carbon emissions remains one of the biggest challenges we face, and that’s why we want to inspire people to make smarter use of their cars. By including all modes of transport in our mobility insurance, Mobly encourages the use of public transport or bicycles alongside vehicles.” – CEO of Mobly, Gerrit Nollet.

Mobly was launched in 2017 by Baloise to offer a range of mobility services. Additional services include on-demand breakdown assistance and free car assessment reports to determine the market value of cars. So far, car reports helped thousands of people when purchasing or selling a car in the past year, and more than 30k Belgians use the breakdown assistance app.