Modernizing Claims and Enabling a Digital Ecosystem: How Insurers Can Expedite Claims Handling


Customized product and service recommendations are delivered straight to your smartphone. You receive step by-step updates of a shipment in transit, culminating with a photo of your package waiting on your doorstep. The digital experiences that started out in e-commerce and online banking have gone mainstream. Fueled by cloud technology, sensors, IoT networks, and high-speed connectivity, digital-first experiences have raised the bar for customer expectations across virtually every industry—including insurance.


The disruptions caused by COVID-19 have intensified these expectations at a breakneck pace. Not only did many aspects of daily life move online, but insurers, insurtechs, tech giants, and other disruptors had to reimagine what’s possible when it comes to delivering a digital-first, connected insurance experience.


There’s no question that digital transformation has arrived, but how can insurers balance skyrocketing customer expectations with their legacy tech stack and rising operational costs? Insurers are facing a conundrum. In this digital-first world, where should they put their focus to gain a competitive edge? And how can they get there quickly, in a way that maximizes their IT investment and gives them the flexibility needed for even more change in the future?

Read the full whitepaper to learn how you can modernize your claims workflow and enable continuous improvements.

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