Moku is currently under construction

Founded in 2015, Meerkat is a financial wellness company that’s looking to help South African consumers manage debt, create an online savings plan, and purchase insurance. “We offer a small range of simple and intuitive products that will offer security and certainty to our customers on their lifetime financial journeys.”

The team of ~10 is led by David O’Brien and earlier this year it secured an $80,000 grant from Catalyst Fund.

When it comes to insurance, the company has a partnership with Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer to offer funeral insurance and credit life insurance which covers debts in the event of death, illness, or disability. For now, a user is asked to fill a contact form.

Also, judging by its web presence, Meerkat plans to introduce a personal coach by the name of Moku. “Moku is currently under construction. Soon you will be able to chat to him at any time. He’ll provide you with a free copy of your credit report and guide you through the right solution for you.”

On the subject of funeral insurance, the site of SureBuddy is down and has been down for a while (as of late last year). Founded in 2017, the company offered funeral insurance and/or screen cover insurance in Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, and India in exchange for people watching ads. Before and after images below.