Nationwide teams up with the National Automotive Programs

National Automotive Programs DBA the NAPA Insurance Center, a Texas-based specialty insurance broker, has partnered with Nationwide to create a digital solution for their customers across the nation.

The program launched earlier this month.

“We are very happy to start this partnership with a great company like Nationwide who has an expert knowledge of the automotive industry.” – Dan Pierro, President of National Automotive Programs.

“Nationwide’s Business Express℠ platform allows us to create a customized and fully digital end-to-end customer experience. As a customer-focused and technology-driven organization, we’re excited to partner with NAPA to provide an innovative, digital-first insurance buying experience for the NAPA family.” – Dan Bruno, Associate Vice President for Nationwide.

The NAPA Insurance Center was created over 30 years ago to create, manage, and offer exclusive programs for the NAPA family of over 22,000 locations nationally.