Neodigital partners with HDI Global SE

Neodigital partnered with HDI Global SE to launch an underwriting agency for commercial fleets by the name of hector digital .

The joint venture will work with aggregators such as OEMs and their financing companies, leasing companies and consumer banks. “With hector digital, they can use various digital solutions directly at the point of sale.”

Another focus will be on working with brokers who want to offer their fleet customers a digital insurance solution. “Thanks to hector digital, the best possible customer journey is possible by automating, optimizing and thus simplifying complex activities, tasks and processes with the help of AI applications.The fully scalable and modular architecture of Neodigital’s insurance factory and flexible APIs make digital integration into the point of sale quick and easy. The configuration is created individually according to the ideas of the fleet customer.”

The telematics technology developed by Neodigital will eventually be made available to enable personalized premiums based on each driver.

“We are very pleased that we can bring our concentrated digital clout from the insurance factory to hector digital. With the help of our digital technology and our know-how, we can automate and scale almost all processes and procedures – this offers enormous competitive advantages and potential for cost reduction in the complex automotive sector. We are proud to have gained a leading insurer as a strategic partner in HDI Global.” – Stephen Voss, Director Sales and Marketing at Neodigital Versicherung AG.

“There is currently a lot of movement in the aggregator insurance business for motor vehicles and corporate fleets, i.e. when it comes to the digital processing, categorization and automation of data – which we help shape First and foremost, this is about digital processes with a focus on offers and applications, directly at the point of sale. This requires cooperation partners at the highest level. Our high demands on modern business processes have matched those of Neodigital.” – Stefan Beckmeyer, Head of Motor HDI Global.

“We create solutions that are fun and easy to do! Thanks to our decades of accumulated experience in the insurance market and Neodigital’s incredibly far-reaching IT expertise, we can offer products that clearly focus on the satisfaction of our users!” – Michael Grassèe, Managing Director of hector digital GmbH.