New Cake & Arrow report explores a vision for how the insurance industry can empower independent agents and build trust with small business owners after Covid

Small businesses have a long road to recovery ahead. For some, it could take years to return to their pre-Covid baseline. Independent agents, with the inroads and infrastructure to connect small business owners, can play a vital role in quickening the recovery, building trust in the insurance industry, and creating resilience for small businesses in the future.  How can the insurance industry support and enable them?

Today Cake & Arrow, an experience design and innovation company that works with organizations in the insurance industry, published a new report addressing this question. Inspired by a year’s worth of research with small business owners and other insurance customers, the report explores how insurance can enable and support independent agents to cultivate trust with customers, specifically small business owners. The report, Three Visions for Empowering Independent Agents: Cultivating an Ecosystem of Trust for a New Generation of Small Business Owners, provides insight into:


  • The needs of small business owners and opportunities for insurance to better support them as they rebuild after Covid and retool their businesses for the future.
  • The role that independent agents can play in supporting, empowering, and connecting small business owners to create resiliency and build trust in insurance.
  • Strategies and steps insurance carriers can take today—using tools, data, and resources already at their disposal—to empower independent agents and cultivate an ecosystem of trust that starts with customers.

“While in recent years it has been popular to predict the demise of agents and brokers, we strongly believe they will continue to play a vital role in the insurance ecosystem, especially when it comes cultivating trust with customers,” said Josh Levine, Cake & Arrow Founder & CEO. “Covid has delivered quite a blow to small businesses, an important segment of the market. Independent agents are in a unique position to support them as they rebuild and retool their businesses for the future—but they must be equipped, empowered and enabled by the carriers. We offer a vision for what that might look like.”

To learn more, download a complimentary copy of the report here:

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