New partnerships further Cigna’s strategy to connect customers to care everywhere

Cigna Ventures, a strategic corporate venture capital partner and wholly-owned indirect subsidiary of Cigna Corporation has announced it has invested in two breakthrough digital health companies, Buoy Health and RecoveryOne, to advance Cigna’s strategy to deliver affordable, predictable and simple care anytime, anywhere.

Buoy Health helps remove confusion and uncertainty for consumers, ensuring they get the right care at the right time through the use of artificial intelligence. Cigna Ventures invested in Buoy Health as part of its $20 million Series B funding round. Cigna also led a recent $12 million funding round in RecoveryOne . RecoveryOne provides solutions for those suffering with musculoskeletal conditions using digital tools and live coaching.

“Cigna is squarely focused on bringing the highest value solutions to our customers, which includes optimizing how they connect to and receive quality care, in a convenient way that meets their lifestyles. Our deep partnerships with digital health companies like Buoy Health and RecoveryOne accelerate how we deliver on that promise. They, like us, are relentlessly pursuing bold new opportunities to make health care anywhere and everywhere a reality for our customers.” – Tom Richards, global lead, strategy and business development at Cigna.

Buoy Health brings an unparalleled depth and breadth of experience in leveraging artificial intelligence to facilitate real-time, high-quality and personalized care recommendations based on an individual’s symptoms. Once a self-assessment is received, Buoy Health’s technology provides intelligent care recommendations (e.g., virtual, in-person, emergency room visit) through an omni-channel approach tied to the severity of symptoms and follows up as necessary to help close gaps in care.

“Our capabilities, powered by advanced machine learning and granular data, resemble exchanges an individual would have with a clinician. Our first-step virtual option greatly aligns with Cigna’s focus on creating peace of mind – improving diagnoses of symptoms from the moment individuals get sick and helping facilitate more informed discussions with their clinicians.” – Dr. Andrew Le, CEO and Co-Founder of Buoy Health.

RecoveryOne combines the power of digital with the human touch by connecting individuals to one of 180 evidence-based care programs for musculoskeletal conditions (i.e., those impacting the bones, joints, nerves and muscles). The solution covers the whole person and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on nearly any device. With this approach, RecoveryOne addresses the significant gap between actual and desired outcomes achieved through traditional care.

“Musculoskeletal conditions are both common and costly. We are excited to work with Cigna, one of the largest and most forward-thinking global health services companies, to leverage our digital solutions in ways that will drive greater adherence, accelerate recovery, improve productivity and reduce costs for individuals.” – Mark Luck Olson, CEO of RecoveryOne.