New report from Cake & Arrow offers 5 researched-based visions for how insurance can support a new relationship to work

Since the onset of the pandemic, work has undergone an unprecedented transformation, with new norms, attitudes, and expectations shaping what amounts to a new relationship to work. With this new relationship to work comes new challenges, risks, and needs ripe for innovative products and solutions to address them. How can the insurance industry be at the forefront of supporting employers, employees, and all kinds of workers as they navigate this new landscape asks Cake & Arrow in a new report

In their latest report, Cake & Arrow digs into their ongoing body of customer research, conducted before and amid the pandemic, to offer 5 research-inspired visions for how insurance can evolve to support a changing relationship to work. Download the latest report for:

New insights gleaned from years of original research—conducted both before and during the pandemic— into how people’s relationship to work is and has been evolving—and what this means for insurance

– New opportunities based on cumulative insights from research for how the insurance industry can support and respond to its customer’s evolving relationship to work

A new perspective coming from their POV as human-centered researchers and designers exploring how insurance can embrace new ways of working while continuing to protect and offer stability to its customers

You can download a free copy of the report here.

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