“New Tech is The Answer to Almost All of Our Challenges”

Turns out, Stockholm-based If Insurance is the P&C insurer with the largest IT organization in the Nordic region.



Three things. One. It has a dedicated workforce of over 100 IT developers that are currently replacing all of its local systems with an in-house developed system called Waypoint based on Microsoft technologies. Waypoint comes with an improved search solution that is based on open-source search engine. The interface includes free text search, filters and functionality such as fuzzy search and ‘did you mean.’ The setup is service oriented which means If can easily create a variety of interfaces for different business units such as claims or customer service. Two. It uses cloud platforms for production solutions, primarily Microsoft Azure. Three. It’s developing chatbots and advanced data analysis to improve customer service via its Tech Lab, a unit that works to produce prototypes for external and internal digital services that test small-scale customers.



“For many years, If has a pronounced “digital first” strategy. Both the customer journey and the products are mostly based on a digital basis, and new technology is the answer to almost all of our challenges and business opportunities” – VP, Head of IT at If, Joakim Eldin.