New York Life Investments is Focusing on Women

New York Life Investments, the global asset management business of New York Life, has launched a new value-add program for financial advisors, “unveiling findings” centered on the topic of Women and Investing. The newly-developed program was launched following a collaboration with brand strategy and design firm, Sub Rosa, and the insights were derived from a 2018 study of 800 women, employing both qualitative and quantitative methods to better understand the needs of women when it came to investing in the U.S.

Given that women control a substantial amount of wealth in this country – $14 trillion in the US and control 70-80% of all consumer purchasing – yet invest 40% less than men,  New York Life Investments spent the past year “designing, developing and reimagining” how advisors can engage and partner differently with their female clients to help them achieve financial stature. The new value-add program leverages “proprietary research and perspectives” combined with practical tools that enable advisors to address their specific needs.



“As a firm, we stand for a lot more than investing. We understand the importance of guidance and recognized a clear opportunity to help advisors benefit from these industry dynamics. We are providing not only invaluable information and analysis, but the actionable practice management solutions advisors need to capitalize on this massive opportunity.” – CEO of New York Life Investment Management, Yie-Hsin Hung. 

“One of our key research findings is that women investors can be segmented by their life objectives, risk profile, interest in financial education and type of relationship with their financial advisors into four distinct sub-segments. These nuances, coupled with women living longer than men, provide the insight and opportunity for advisors to engage differently with women investors to increase their overall satisfaction. With our new value-add program, we are able to help every step along the way.” – Global Chief Marketing Officer of New York Life Investment Management, Ian Forrest. 

Bottom Line:  Ellevest has a mission and New York Life Investments has a value-add program.