Next Insurance launches Certificate of Insurance Analyzer

Next Insurance announced the launch and availability of the Certificate of Insurance (COI) Analyzer, a new offering for small business owners to generate instant COIs to show insurance coverage to potential employers in under a minute.

Next’s COI Analyzer enables customers to upload a sample certificate and receive an automatically generated COI “within seconds,” via its website or mobile app. “Advanced machine learning models” read the sample document using Optical Character Recognition and an Object Detector Network, to accurately extract and understand the certificate holder details, as well as any special requirements that may be included in the sample certificate.

“Insurance shouldn’t stall a small business owner from thriving, it should empower them to build, launch, grow and expand. This new innovation will only speed up the owners’ mission to meet the next job opportunity, challenge and goal, and we’re excited to be part of that success story. Leveraging the latest machine learning models, we’re able to remove the guesswork, likelihood of human error and ensure that the COI is right the first time so that the individual can get back to their passion of running a business.” – Effi Fuks-Leichtag CPO at Next.