Next Insurance launches EPLI for restaurants

Next Insurance announced its “renewed commitment to small business restaurant owners” with the expansion of Employment Practices Liability Insurance, which is now available with general liability in 28 states plus Washington, DC. Next’s EPLI coverage provides additional protection for business owners against lawsuits involving discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination and more.

“Employment practice lawsuits can be costly to resolve and emotionally draining, which is especially important now for those who have been hit hardest by the pandemic like restaurant owners. EPLI is a distinct type of insurance coverage that helps pay for legal fees for discrimination claims, that may not be covered by other policies like workers’ compensation. This expansion of NEXT’s offerings provides our customers with additional protection so that they can focus on growing a successful business rather than stressing over financial concerns in the wake of investigation costs, judgments or settlements.” – Richard Yeung, VP of Insurance at Next.