Next-Level Digitization for ISO Electronic Rating Content™

Starr Companies Collaborates with ISO® and Solartis to Support New Small Business Initiative.

  • Starr Companies rolled out Businessowners Policy (BOP) insurance in 30 states in 4 months through their proprietary internet platform, with full nationwide rollout in 6 months
  • Starr followed with a 50-state General Liability (GL) implementation in 4
  • Leveraging the new automated maintenance feed enhancement of ISO Electronic Rating Content™ (ISO ERC) facilitated the complete automation of ISO rating content, which has major implications for how ISO rating content can be consumed
  • Solartis Insure is able to automatically consume the ISO rating content delivered via ISO ERC without any human intervention necessary to push the new content live within 24 hours Starr’s use of microservices enabled the multi-threaded rating calls necessary to support a digitally delivered business


Download the SMA Case Study Here.

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