NFP launches NFP Connect

New York-based insurance broker NFP announced the launch of NFP Connect. “The NFP Connect platform helps clients unlock the power of their data, driving efficiencies and providing actionable insights on their employee benefits, retirement, P&C, and executive benefits programs with NFP.”

“NFP remains focused on providing innovative solutions that help businesses manage complex insurance needs and improve the lives of the individuals we serve. Digital technologies are important, but expanding the impact of the actionable data behind the technology is where we believe we can be most impactful. NFP Connect creates an opportunity to provide clients with insights from across their organization through a single interactive dashboard that is personalized for them.” – Mark Rieder, head of innovation at NFP.

“NFP Connect brings valuable clarity and confidence that transforms the complex decisions clients make each day across their business. We understand the value, and the challenges, that come with harnessing data. We want to put that power in our clients’ hands with an effective, easy-to-use, technology-based tool to help them navigate the market the way they want to. NFP Connect serves as a resource for organizations to capitalize on the data they capture while maintaining a unified user experience.”  – Doug Hammond, chairman and CEO of NFP.