NordVPN partners with HSB

VPN service provider NordVPN is adding cyber insurance benefits to one of its packages in partnership with HSB.

The company is offering customers in the US and UK access to two benefits – identity theft recovery and cyber extortion protection. The new benefits are provided by HSB Specialty Insurance Company and available through NordVPN’s Ultimate package, which costs $17.99/mo.

Cyber extortion protection benefits support individuals who receive payment demands in connection with threats to delete or release their information or restrict access to their data, computers, or smart devices. Support includes up to $100k of professional assistance from experts who can advise and consult on how best to respond to the threats. Payments in response to the threats are also covered.

“While cybersecurity and privacy tools help to protect internet users from a technical perspective, human error remains an essential factor in cybersecurity, and no one is fully protected from scams. Especially considering that the tactics used by cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated, even cyber-savvy users sometimes get tripped up. With cyber protection benefits backed by insurance in our product bundle, we aim to complement our technological solutions, bridge the cyber protection gap, and support our customers who were affected by cyberattacks.” – Tomas Okmanas, co-founder and co-CEO at Nord Security.